Americana Catch Wrestling Concepts for BJJ

A couple of videos series I shot awhile back. I have been using this set up for years, watching it evolve and turn into a valuable part of my top side control game, you don't have to be big to be able to apply these concepts. Understanding human anatomy and knowing were the joints are at it weakest parts can put you miles aherad of your opponents. This set up can open up many more submission chains and get your opponent to make a mistake, without losing your postion. 

Series 1  is a different apporach to setting up the Americana from top side control, it can open up a series of attacks. This is a very low risk submission attempt with high returns!

Bonus Series The far arm kimura how to defend and then a sweet counter from that defence.

Americana Catch Wrestling Concepts for BJJ

 Series 1 is small video series on using Catch Wrestling Concepts for your BJJ game.  Americana Set ups from top side control, involving low risk with high return opening up many different submission chains and getting your opponent  worried about getting submitted more than trying to escape.  Series 2 is showing ways to defend the bottom side control Kimura Attacks and then how to use this denfece against your opponent on a counter submission. 

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