I am a 1st Degree Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blackbelt under World Class Brazil 021 School of Jiu Jitsu. Brazil 021 Edmonton the only Brazil021 School located in Canada. I own and am the Co-Creator of Brazil 021 Edmonton my BFF in my BJJ journey and Co-founder is Bryan who is also a Blackbelt. This journey wasn’t easy, we have been apart of 3 different teams to finally find our home with Brazil 021. Through this journey I wanted to create and pass on all the amazing techniques, tips and tricks I have learned. This is my passion and my love of BJJ teaching, sharing everything I have learned with sometimes my own twist on things.

I am still an active competitor in the IBJJF. I am only a very few females at 68kg & 68+kg ranked and compete in Kettlebell Sport in all lifts. Beside my obsession with BJJ I am also compete at the World Level in Kettlebell Sport.

Training for Kettlebell Sport saved my BJJ career (but thats another story..)

I have spent so much money on videos, downloads,seminars, member sites I am scared to add it all up in fear of my spouse of divorcing me. Through the support of Online Marketing Mastermind Dan Fagella he has inspired me to pass on what I have learned since if I wanted to learn it…someone else probably does.

BJJ Candy was designed to make what you know already better, video tips and tricks, looking at things with a different perscpective. 

But in the mean time if you would like to contact me